S. Redman White

S. REDMAN WHITE does not have multiple personality disorder, but he does write under a variety of names for extremely different genres and audiences.

Working as "Stephen White," he was the principal writer of a national children's television program and for 16 years scripted Emmy-nominated TV episodes, home videos, dozens of books, award-winning live concert events, and a feature film for that franchise. He additionally has written songs for Grammy-nominated CDs.

Under a different pen name, Mr. White wrote the highly-successful business book parody "Who Cut The Cheese?" (praised by USA Today and the New York Times), and creates and publishes the darkest (and quite possibly funniest) webcomic on the Internet at JohnnyOptimism.com.

But the name S. Redman White is reserved for his literary works for adults. As is the case with "CLUMP," White merges a wickedly dark sense of humor, a fascination with the grotesque, an insider's perspective of the entertainment industry, and a willingness to jar the reader with sudden shifts between comic wordplay and breathtaking violence. As a result, S. Redman White's readers frequently say that reading his highly-cinematic work is like watching a movie, shocking but hilarious, right inside their heads.

Assuming, unlike White's protagonist "Clump," that they HAVE heads...


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